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New Quote From Downside 5 + A Peek At Geisterflut

From time to time Stacia treats us with a little quote from what she’s working on at the moment (because she’s awesome like that). We’ve not gotten very far in putting quotes together, but we will!

In Stacia’s last blog post, where she shows the German edition of Unholy Ghosts, Geisterflut, that she just received in the mail (and also does some experiments with the German translation of the sex scenes), she also included a new quote from Downside 5:

The stitches gave way under the knife with one quick stroke; the lips of the wound gaped open. Evil flew out of it and into the air like a mushroom cloud, stinking of decay and something else, something she couldn’t quite identify.

Chess and Bump both leaned over to look inside. It was bigger than she’d expected, sort of empty, and then—oh, gross.

“Ain’t seen me no innards in a some fuckin years, dig, but ain’t recall no fuckin black shit in there,” Bump said.

“What? Where’s that?”

He pointed.

Ugh. Time for the gloves.

What do you think? Sounds like just another day in Downside. 😉

A bit of trivia, provided by Stacia: Lex calls Chess “Tulpi” in the German translation. :-)

The cover of Geisterflut is a really cool one. Stacia demonstrated what the awesome fold-over-flap looks like:

To see the rest of her pics of Geisterflut (and read how Google translates the sex scene…), visit Stacia’s blog.

Cover For German Edition of Unholy Ghosts – Geisterflut

Maybe you’ve seen this cover before, when Stacia posted it originally. The reason we’re posting it now, however, is that in a week, on February 11, Unholy Ghosts is released in Germany for the first time!

This is exciting, since it’s only the second time the Downside books are released in another language than in English! (Poland was first.)

We hope Germans discover the Downside series, and that they realize how lucky they are. :-)

You can order Geisterflut here. There you can also find Zeelenzorn, the German translation of Unholy Magic, which is available for pre-order.

I love that the books are published under Egmont Lyx (luxury ;-).

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