What we know so far:

  • Stacia has turned in her story
  • It’s a Chess/Terrible Triumph City story, but a romance one, so Stacia thought if felt a bit weird to write a happy ending.
  • There are kinky hippies in it
  • Plus more which I have the links to, and will add eventually

Source: Blog post by Stacia on February 2, 2011

Tweets about MBOGR:

“BTW, I have turned in my short story for the MAMMOTH BOOK OF GHOST ROMANCE anthology, which will be out…this year, I think? Lol. Unsure.”

“It’s a Downside story, but since it’s “Ghost ROMANCE” it’s actually a happy little story, with sweetness and love and only mild perversion.”

“@psynde Well, of course there are drugs, it’s a Downside story. :-) But hmm…only music mentioned is Johnny Cash “Flesh and Blood.””

“[…]It’s just some orgies/role-playing/sex-games/body-sharing/weird-sex-toys, is all. :-)”

“@moxiesix Heh heh. :-) I updated it a bit & added bizarre sex toys and macrame. ;-)”