Stacia’s Favorite Sayings

Today we found out which phrase is one of Stacia’s favorites. ;D (Although, if you follow her on her blog and twitter, you may have guessed this one already.)

Stacia wrote this on twitter:

Seriously? “Real-time Facebook updates” in the fucking CAR? Who the hell is so sad and addicted to fucking Facebook that they WANTthat? #FFS

To which I too have to say: “Seriously?”. This tweet prompted a question from one of her followers as to what FFS stands for. If you don’t know, it stands for For Fuck’s Sake, which Stacia replied.

She also mentioned that it is, in fact, one of her favorite “sayings/acronyms/whatevers”. That’s a mark of true literature, right there. πŸ˜‰

Title For Downside 4 Next Week?

Tonight we got a few tidbits from Stacia about Downside 4 on twitter:

β€œ[…]Β  At 123,000 words final first draft. I have edits now and think I’ll end up cutting another 1-2k, maybe.” Source

β€œAlso, my editor likes my suggested title, so next week (fingers crossed) I very well might have a Book 4 title for you!” Source

Are you as excited as I am about the title? We won’t have t refer to it as “Downside 4” anymore. On the other hand, I’ve almost grown fond of it being called that.

Stacia also mentioned that she’s been thinking of “doing some character trivia/book trivia type stuff” on her website, along with posting the deleted scenes. I think that would be incredibly fun! I know there’s a lot of information I’ve picked up here and there, and that I hope to be able to compile on the website. I always love it when you get the feeling that an author has the complete backstory for their characters and world, even if they don’t write all of it down in the books. πŸ˜€

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