The Book of Truth



Article 355

They ordered the underground spaces be filled, for venturing beneath the surface of the earth can only lead to danger and destruction. There the dead have more strength; there does energy increase. (CoG, Ch22)

Article 459

So much fear and misery, so much anger, made humankind vulnerable to the dead, for they ceased to remember the danger posed by the unseen.
But the unseen never forgets. It never stops looking for its chance to destroy. (UM, Ch16)

Article 1256

And we honor those first Elders above all others, for they were the Founders of our Church and thus the saviors of mankind. (CoG, Ch3)

Article 1520

This was when the Truth finally came out; this was the moment when the eyes of humanity saw it. (UM, Ch19)

Article 1631

And the Church sealed the cemeteries, the mortuaries, and places where the dead were stored. These are places of darkness, where no one living belongs. (UM, Ch22)


Article 3

The penalty for summoning the dead back to earth is death; if the summoned spirit does not kill its summoner, be assured the Church will. (UM, Ch1)

Article 323

We must not simply atone for our sins, our crimes against Truth, with words. We must atone for them physically as well. (CoG, Ch23)

Article 331

The most sacred vows are those given to the Church, and overseen by the Church, for those involve not just the heart and mind but the soul. (CoG, Ch2)

Article 347

Violence is the worst of humanity’s foibles, and the least necessary. The Church protects you from the need to perform such acts; there is no excuse for violent behavior in modern society. (UM, Ch3)

Article 449

The soul should not leave the body until the moment of death. To do otherwise is to court disaster. (CoG, Ch5)

Article 801

The body is a vessel for the soul, and nothing more. Once the soul has departed, the body is merely a cast-off shell, and we destroy it as all useless items are destroyed. With fire. (UM, Ch11)


Article 37

Worse still are those who commit the ultimate evil, who bind themselves unto the dead. No good can come of such an act; at the end of it lies only misery. (UM, Ch7)

Article 178

For a human to work with a ghost is a grievous error, a crime against humanity so severe it cannot be fully expressed. For above all acts it is one with no gain; nothing good can come of it. (UM, Ch17)

Article 278

You must always be vigilant in guarding against the desires of the flesh. Even those acts not deemed illegal can stain the soul in some situations. (UM, Ch4)

Article 980

Magic is neither benevolent nor malevolent; it is not good or evil. The motives of the practitioner are important, but that does not mean magic is safe if your heart is pure. Quite the opposite can be True… (UM, Ch24)



Article 5

For it is Truth that things are not always as they appear. It is also Truth that things are as the Church tells you they are. (UM, Ch25)

Article 66

Physical death is but a pathway to the City of Eternity; the psychopomp is an escort to a life of freedom and peace. (UM, Ch31)

Article 71

The choice is yours, to live a life in the light of Truth, or to skulk in darkness outside it. (UM, Ch21)

Article 72

Only through penitence and pain is forgiveness possible. (CoG, Ch8)

Article 77

The dead never cease in their quest to harm; the Church never ceases its vigilance agianst the dead. (CoG, Ch17)

Article 220

Punishment of both crime and sin is the exclusive dominion of the Church. That punishment begins before death. Be assured it continues after it. (UM, Ch8)

Article 329

The dead do not offer forgiveness. They do not feel. They do not advance or grow. They remain frozen as they were, save for the replacement of love with hate. (UM, Ch5)

Article 336

What is right is Moral, because the Church decrees it so. What is Immoral is Abomination. (UM, Ch30)

Article 728

There are those who seek to hide from the Church, to keep unsavory secrets. They do not succeed. The Church and Truth see all. (CoG, Ch25)

Article 1340

A promise to the Church is far more important than any other promise. Not just because the Church protects you, but because the Church is always watching you. (CoG, Ch20)

The Church and You: A pamphlet by Elder Barrett

Never fear to call the Church if you have any questions, or stumble upon signs of magic that frighten you. The Church’s job is to protect humanity from such things. (UM, Ch2)

Remember you are known not simply by what you say, but by what you do. The Church requires Truth; your fellow man requires no less. (CoG, Ch21)


Careers in the Church: A Guide for Teens by Praxis Turpin

Not every family situation will be pleasant; not every home is happy. Your job will be to determine whether that displeasure has drifted into dishonesty. (UM, Ch6)

Dangerous magic exists; it will tempt you. This is why a Church employee must be honorable first and foremost. (UM, Ch13)

A good Debunker is ready for anything, never surprised, never caught off guard. (UM, Ch15)

Be aware that when you work for the Church you belong to the Church, body and soul. You cannot serve two masters. (CoG, Ch6)

The creation of a psychopomp is a complex process, one only designated Church employees may perform. It is to them we entrust the safety of all humanity. (CoG, Ch18)


Mrs. Increase’s Advice for Ladies, by Mrs. Increase

Foreword by Elder Thomas

Being married, being joined by love and blood and magic in the eyes of the Church and society, is a sacred trust. We cleave ourselves unto our spouses in hope, in love, and in obligation. (UM, Ch9)


It’s always good to keep some basic first-aid treatments in the home. You never know when you might need them, and helping others is the best and surest way to feel good about ourselves. (UM, Ch27)

Be proud of the wrinkles and lines that life has given you! They’re a symbol of the promises you’ve made to your family and of your achievements. All important events leave scars. (CoG, Ch4)

Remember the power inherent in blood. I recommend burning anything it touches. This may seem like an extreme measure, but better safe than sorry! (CoG, Ch9)

Family is the most important thing there is, and you should encourage your beloved spouse to be close to your children. (CoG, Ch14)

Don’t forget the Church. They’re always willing to help, and should be the first place you turn when there’s trouble, whether it’s ghosts or fights with your beloved husband. (CoG, Ch19)


You Can Do This! A Guide for Beginners, by Molly Brooks-Cahill

A further note: The spells within contain common, legal ingredients. You may be told you can gain greater results by using herbs or symbols forbidden to the public. Don’t believe it! Forbidden herbs are forbidden for a reason. (UM, Ch10)

Don’t be afraid to admit to yourself what results you’re looking for, or to ask your friends for help. (CoG, Ch7)

Laws are made for our safety and should be followed. Don’t think that just because you want to do something, you should. Leave complicated magic to the Church. (CoG, Ch16)


The Example Is You, the guidebook for Church employees

The Church has trained you. The Church has put its trust in you. The people have put their trust in you. It surrounds you like an aura wherever you go; and you must never forget it. (UM, Ch12)

You are of course encouraged to speak to children, to answer their questions with the kind of Truth appropriate to their age and situation. Never forget they are not yet mature; they are children. (UM, Ch18)

You represent Truth. You are Truth. This should be your highest goal, above all others; Church employees do not lie, even to themselves. (UM, Ch20)

Not all of your duties will be pleasant. But that is the sacrifice you make, for as a Church employee you must always remember that you are privileged above all others. (CoG, Ch1)

A Church employee does not get distracted. Does not lose sight of the goal. Does not waver in his or her objective, which is to defend the Church and to protect humanity, whatever the cost. (CoG, Ch24)


Psychopomps: The Key to Church Ritual and Mystery, by Elder Brisson

The wild psychopomp is dangerous and unpredictable. What they do is given to them by instinct, by energy and magic itself; their wisdom surpasses ours and is cruel and unfeeling when manipulated. (UM, Ch14)

To use a wild psychopomp is a serious crime; to cause the death of a psychopomp is a grave one, and puts both the life and soul of the murderer in jeopardy. (UM, Ch29)


Families and Truth, a Church pamphlet by Elder Barrett

Secrets are never to be recommended, not amongst families or those you love. Again, we look to the Church for advice, and the Church tells us Truth is always best. (UM, Ch23)

Minds and mouths lie. Souls do not. (UM, Ch28)

Raising Girls in Truth, by Lana Hunicutt

Times are hard for young girls these days. It’s not like when we were young! But if you keep the lines of communication open, you’ll be amazed at how willing your child is to open up. The occasional reminder that the Church expects them to obey never hurts either… (UM, Ch26)


A History of the Old Government


Volume V:1930-1974

Their roads are marvels of technology, which the Church has only improved upon over time. (CoG, Ch15)

Volume VI: 1975-1997

They performed all manner of experiments on both living and dead flesh, for they did not know the Truth. (CoG, Ch10)


Advertising pamphlet for Cuesta Verde Apartment Homes

We all know there’s safety in numbers. But what about fun? An apartment in Cuesta Verde guarantees you a a lovely modern home, friendly neighbors who share your interests, and proximity to the Church! (CoG, Ch11)


Your Home, Your Sanctuary, by Delilah Ross

Of course, no home is complete without a copy of The Book of Truth, and the Church provides these in colors to match any décor. (CoG, Ch12)


The Church Guides You, a pamphlet by Elder Warren

The Church has a hand in every aspect of your daily life, from food production to education to transportation. It watches you, so you can relax and live a safe and happy life. (CoG, Ch13)