Tweets about Elder Griffin:

@Inky_Ash: “Re-reading CoG and get the impression that Dana doesn’t like the city. Am I totally off or on to something?” Source

“@inky_ash No, Dana’s just sad because she was close to Elder Murray (it was Murray, right?) and got slapped a bit when she tried to say that” Source

“@inky_ash in the beginning, remember? By Elder Griffin. Now, if your impression was that he doesn’t really care for Dana, you’d be right.” Source

“@StaciaKane I didn’t realize she was close to Elder Murray. Definately got the verbal slap and dislike. Are we going” Source

“@StaciaKane to find out the why behind that? It’s something I’ve wondered about.” Source

“@inky_ash EG just thinks Dana is kind of silly/nervous/spoiled, basically. Nothing that’s a big deal. His childhood wasn’t as bad as Chess’s” Source

“@inky_ash but he definitely thinks the way she does about lots of stuff, & Dana just gets on his nerves (while obvs Chess=his favorite).” Source

“@inky_ash He doesn’t hate her or anything, she just gets on his nerves. :-)” Source

“[…] Hee, can’t wait to write the EG scenes in Book 5!!! Very exciting!!!” Source

“[…] Hee. I hate not being able to tell! But he finds himself kind of tested, if that makes sense. & some good stuff happens for him.” Source