A big thanks goes to Chelsea over at Vampire Book Club, for transcribing these. I should’ve saved the links when I first saw the quotes, and I’ll see if I can manage to get them. Until then you can read the quotes that were saved by Chelsea.

Stacia was feeling a bit bored one night, so she decided to treat us to a few lines from the Work In Progress edition of Sacrificial Magic:

“This was the one time she didn’t worry about how long she had, how he really felt, what she was going to do to fuck it all up. “

“Being there was like being inside the belly of some hideous beast, digesting her bit by slow bit.”

“Just hearing his voice made her smile, despite that mean little voice in her head telling her not to get too fucking comfortable.”

“[Chess’s] triumphant little smile was genuine. So was her irritation. How shitty some people got when they thought they were important.”

“Giving a fuck what other people thought was a road straight to misery and pain; an obsession of the weak…. To believe otherwise was to live in a fairy tale.”

“His mouth on hers, the kind of insistent kiss she knew well. The kind that made her blood race through her veins until it found a good place to stop, that made her clutch at him harder than she meant to.”

Source: Blog post by Vampire Book Club October 30, 2010


Snippets from Stacia’s site and other places

This was posted on Stacia’s site on June 1, 2011:

His room hadn’t changed. The house hadn’t changed. Only the looks given her by the various guards or enforcers or whoever they were had; from bland acceptance to subtle suspicion.

And she’d changed, it seemed. At least a bit. In the car chatting all had been well, but when the door closed behind her it occurred to her how long it had been since she’d been there. And what had happened last time she’d been there. Happened several times and again in the morning, if memory served, which it did.

Another awkward moment when she started walking toward the bed, remembered, and turned back to the couch against the wall. Lex already sat there, lighting a cigarette, flipping a switch behind him so The Jam started playing in the background. King of his little room-castle, just like how one day he’d be king of this side of town.

“So what’s up?” The question sounded lame even to her, but she couldn’t think of anything else to say. The bed with its plain blue blanket and sheets loomed larger and larger in her vision.



Other tweets about Sacrificial Magic:

“[…] Yes, finally. At 123,000 words final first draft. I have edits now and think I’ll end up cutting another 1-2k, maybe.” Source

“@StaciaKane holy CRAP that’s a long manuscript. I write more along the lines of 75k” Source

“@zoewinters Lol. Fairly complex plot (not that yours aren’t) + three books’ worth of backstory to slip in smoothly, new characters to build.” Source

“Also, my editor likes my suggested title, so next week (fingers crossed) I very well might have a Book 4 title for you!” Source

“@StaciaKane is the working title: When Terrible Gets Some?” Source

“@authorembutler Hahahahaha! No, but that’s a good idea. :-) Except he doesn’t for much of the book. Heh heh.” Source

“@authorembutler I’m actually quite proud of that scene, too. :-) My editor loved it.” Source