Unholy Ghosts

Stacia Gets Her Seshat Tattoo – Clip From L.A. Ink

The final clip that I’ve added to the Media pages, is a video of Stacia getting her Seshat tattoo. Seshat is a goddess of writing.

The clip was filmed for L.A. Ink. It never aired, but was released as extra material.

From the Suvudu Paranormal Blog:

In the upcoming season of Discovery Channel’s LA Ink, you can see Stacia get tattooed with a Seshat hieroglyph, the Egyptian goddess of writing and writers. “I basically promised myself that if the book sold I could really call myself a writer,” says Stacia

I can’t get the embedding to work, but you can visit the L.A. Ink website for season three. There is a list of clips, and Stacia’s is called “God of writing“. Fitting? 😉


Cover For German Edition of Unholy Ghosts – Geisterflut

Maybe you’ve seen this cover before, when Stacia posted it originally. The reason we’re posting it now, however, is that in a week, on February 11, Unholy Ghosts is released in Germany for the first time!

This is exciting, since it’s only the second time the Downside books are released in another language than in English! (Poland was first.)

We hope Germans discover the Downside series, and that they realize how lucky they are. :-)

You can order Geisterflut here. There you can also find Zeelenzorn, the German translation of Unholy Magic, which is available for pre-order.

I love that the books are published under Egmont Lyx (luxury ;-).

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