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Waiting For The Book – Guest Blog By Stacia For Book Lovers Inc

As I mentioned in the last blog post, Stacia has written a guest blog for Book Lovers Inc about what it’s like for an author to wait for a book. It’s a really great post for us readers, to let us know that it can be just as hard for a writer to wait for a book to come out, and that they are dying for us to read it just as much as we are dying to read it.

Stacia writes:

It’s just…it’s like planning a surprise party for your best friend, but that friend’s birthday isn’t for a year and a half yet. You have all the plans laid and the work done, but now you have to keep your mouth shut about it for that long. And you want to tell. You want to tell because you’re excited, as I said above. You want to tell because you can’t wait for the reaction. But you can’t tell, and it’s some weird form of torture, because you’re supposed to be promoting this book and the series, and making people anticipate the next book, while at the same time not telling them anything that will happen in the next book.

To read the rest of Stacia’s very interesting blog post, visit Book Lovers Inc.

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Btw, I love how she calls our favorite Downside residents, her “little gang of ghetto no-hopers”. :-)

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