A Genteel Black Hole February 3, 2011



Fun stuff

Blurb from the original query letter:

Sometimes addictions are more trouble than they’re worth…

Owing money to drug lords is never a good idea, especially not if you’re Cesaria “Chess” Putnam, possibly the only woman in the punk-rock ghetto known as Downside who really has something to lose: her job as a Debunker for the omnipotent Church of Truth.

Chess’s dealer offers her a choice. She can catch the mastermind behind the fake haunting of an abandoned airport so he can smuggle drugs into it, or spend weeks in the hospital after his enforcer breaks her habit for her—along with most of her bones. Chess picks the airport, but when a rotting corpse turns up with a soul still trapped inside and it looks as if the person responsible is one of her co-workers, she realizes the airport’s ghosts are real and this case is far more dangerous than a beating. Hey, who said downer-addicted loners made good choices? Aug 19/2008